Hanover County Capernaum

This is a little blog for all of our Capernaum friends and family to share with one another all about their lives, Capernaum, and what they are learning about God. Feel free to leave a comment, we love to hear from you all.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What a blast we had yesterday at the Richmond Flying Squirrels game!!! It was a sold-out game and we had great seats, great weather, and so much fun!! We met Nutsy (see below), ate lots of junk food, and finished up with a run around the bases by those brave enough to weather the cold until the end! For those who weren't there - we missed you and hope we can go back soon!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Club Last Night ...

So if you missed it, here are a few highlights of the fabulous fun from last night's club:
- Pizza Party (of course)
- Dance Party (also of course ;-)
- Played a rousing game of musical food during which Laura Dolt scarfed down some broccoli, Brandon German chomped down an Oreo, and fearless leader Read Jacob ate DOG BISCUITS!!!!!
- Sang lots of crazy songs, like one about CRAWDADS of all things!
- Raced on skateboards using TOILET PLUNGERS as oars
- And of course, open mic!!!!
- We had tons of fun and missed all of you who weren't able to be there. Can't WAIT for our next Capernaum and for our outing to see the Flying Squirrels on April 18th!!!

a few more pics from last night :-)

More Pictures...

Capernaum 03.25.10

Pictures from Capernaum on March 25, 2010...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Award Nomination: A Parent Perspective #4

From: Debra
Date: Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 4:28 PM
Subject: capernaum award/ letter
To: tomsibiga@gmail.com     

As a parent of a son with special needs, I can't think of a group more deserving of recognition than the Capernaum volunteers.  They are a wonderful example of God's love in action!    
These volunteers take a caring interest in each one who walks through the door, giving him a safe and joyful place to make friends and strengthen his faith.  And the "typical" teenagers who volunteer benefit too, by discovering common interests with our kids and learning that they are also pretty amazing people once you get to know them.     

For all this to happen, it takes a lot of organization, dedication, and hard work behind the scenes.  We know these volunteers aren't doing it for the recognition, but it would be so great if they could know how much their efforts mean to their community.